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I need a nice and decent for real love... Otsib meest

Otsib meest fatou4love Abidjan Elevandiluurannik
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 - Hinda

Elevandiluurannik, Abidjan

Sina oled naine, 36
Otsib meest vanuses 44 Kuni 89


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Välimus Isikuandmed
Lisainfo välimuse kohta: I need a nice and decent for real love not for fun and paly 
Täpsustuseks on ta lisanud: I'm a simple girl and respectful most important for life is to respect your lover partner and do not like my love hot me this cause alot of damages in soul. 
Töö ja haridus
Täpsustus hariduse kohta: I'm a high school graduated, but i wish to continew any time from now amy in your country if you are realy intrest in me to married me i can relocated to your country 
Aega aitab viita: I like alot of pay i can explain it all 
Viimane loetud raamat: She stood to choonker 

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